What I Ate This Week – Recipe Roundup #6


Meatballs with garlic roasted broccoli and garlic parmesan cauli-rice


Review: 5/5. All of these things were delicious, but I’ve got to say, the cauliflower rice was the shining star of this meal. As you will see, I continued to make more throughout the week. So yummy and simple! Roasted broccoli is never a bad choice, either, of course! As for the meatballs, these are a really solid meatball recipe. I enjoyed them with some reduced sugar ketchup, because as y’all know by now, I’m a ketchup girl.

Modifications: Used all beef with the meatballs and rolled them into smaller balls.

Macros: 709 calories | 7g net carbs | 45g protein | 56g fat


Ham and cauliflower au gratin


Review: 5/5. This was a really nice change-up from the normal flavor palette. Pure, delicious comfort food! Kalyn’s Kitchen has AMAZING recipes- not sure I’ve tried one from her that I don’t like.

Modifications: I used sour cream instead of yogurt.

Macros: 409 calories | 12g net carbs | 24g protein | 26g fat


Ribeye, garlic roasted broccoli, and parmesan garlic cauli-rice


Review: 5/5. How can you go wrong with a steak? I used the same sides as Sunday’s dinner.

Macros: 742 calories | 11g net carbs | 43g protein | 59g fat


Chicken tenders, green beans, and pan-fried radishes


Review: 5/5. This was also a nice change up for different flavors. This definitely hit the spot for the chicken tender craving- I dipped mine in ranch and they were heavenly!

Macros (including ranch): 958 calories | 12g net carbs | 59g protein | 74g fat

  • I ate a ton because it was the only meal I ate that day. Adjust your serving accordingly!


Asparagus and chicken alfredo with MORE garlic parmesan cauli-rice, I’m addicted, someone send help


Review: 5/5. This was just awesome, and super fast and easy (especially if you chop up the chicken and asparagus beforehand)! I really like that you can mix it up here with different types of sauce, veggies, and even meat. You could sub sausage or sliced steak, use Rao’s marinara or different types of cream sauces, use broccoli or green beans…The possibilities are endless.

Modifications: I used a jarred Alfredo sauce to save time. I would definitely taste your sauce to see how salty it is and season accordingly. Mine was almost a bit too salty between the Creole seasoning and my sauce.

Macros: 735 calories | 8g net carbs | 45g protein | 58g fat


Sesame – bunless beef burger with caramelized onions, bacon, and American cheese with a side Caesar salad, no croutons.

Review: Sesame is a gourmet burger place in my town. They have a bunch of options for burgers and sandwiches and you can always make your own! Best of all, everything is ethically and locally sourced. You can have it served in a bowl over a bed of greens, but I usually just ask for it bunless on a plate and eat it with a fork and knife.

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