What I Ate This Week – Recipe Roundup #4!

Another week, another round up. 5/5 all around this week! I hope this helps you with inspiration and meal planning! KCKO, friends.


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Turkey Tetrazzini

Review: 5/5. This was incredible! This really hit the spot for turkey tetrazzini- it was so creamy and comforting! Definitely a nice, hearty meal. Next time I may add some celery or something for a bit more texture, but honestly, it’s perfect as is. This would probably be good with chicken too, but to me, it’s kind of nice to switch it up sometimes- turkey is something that I rarely eat. (Bonus: my cats got to eat some diced turkey, so that was exciting for them! haha)

Modifications: I omitted heavy cream as recommended in the post and only used one can of mushrooms. I also accidentally grabbed the container of Gouda cheese instead of white cheddar, but let me tell you, that was a pleasant mistake.

My macros per 1/6: 365 calories | 5g net carbs | 32g protein | 23g fat


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Chicken with Cheesy Ranch Broccoli

Review: 5/5 for the cheesy ranch broccoli, for sure! This is definitely a favorite in our house; we have made it several times and will certainly make it again. It’s a bit of carbs if you make it with pre-packaged ranch seasoning (which I did, because lazy), but if you make it according to the cookbook or reduce the seasoning, you should still be just fine! As for the chicken, I just panfried a chicken breast seasoned with Old Bay in butter and olive oil.

Modifications: I halved the amount of ranch to reduce carbs.

My macros per 1/4: 263 calories | 6g net carbs | 10g protein | 22g fat


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Review: How can you not give tacos a 5/5?! Simple and satisfying. I just browned ground some 80% lean ground beef in a pan and mixed my homemade taco seasoning (packaged stuff is more carby)- no draining fat and adding water. This was repulsive for me to do at first, after years of low fat brainwashing…but since you CAN on keto…you really should. I think it tastes a lot more flavorful that way. Then you can just top it with whatever you want, or serve it over shredded lettuce for a taco salad. I chose to just eat the meat in a bowl with cheddar and canned black olives.

My macros for 6oz ground beef + toppings: 579 calories | 3g net carbs | 36g protein |46 g fat


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Cheddar Ranch Chicken Burgers

Review: 5/5. These were a favorite pre-keto, so naturally, I had to get around to ketofying them! These would be good lettuce wrapped or maybe in a low carb bun, but y’all know that I prefer to go the direct route and eat it by itself. This is such a good flavor combination (pull out your extra sharp cheddar for this!) and is a nice variety from regular beef burgers.

Modifications: I replaced all the breadcrumbs with 1/2 cup crushed pork rinds (~.9oz)

My macros per burger including cheese: 343 calories | 3g net carbs | 31g protein | 23g fat


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Pizza Pan

Review: 5/5. I call this a pizza pan because it’s not a pan pizza. Get it? It’s also not a skillet pizza, which I’ve yet to try…so…pizza pan! This is something that I love to do for quick and easy dinners- this one is basically a meat lovers pizza in skillet form, but you could really do any sort that you wanted by modifying meat, veggies, and sauces. In this one, I used Italian sausage, mini pepperonis, Rao’s marinara sauce, spinach, mozzarella, and Parmesan. (the sauce/sausage combo tastes very similar to a BudgetBytes recipe that I made often pre-keto, so I guess this could be seen as a modification of that recipe!)

My macros per 1/4: 553 calories | 6g net carbs | 32g protein | 45g fat



Review: This is Kickin’ Chicken’s chicken pita dipper- it’s a mix of bacon, chicken, mushrooms and swiss cheese that normally comes in a pita with a side of a really zesty and amazingly creamy dressing. It comes with a pickle spear and I ordered it with a side salad. It’s SO GOOD. I totally recommend trying it if you’re in the Charleston area, and if not, asking for a good looking sandwich or burger at a local restaurant without the bread. I felt really uncomfortable doing that at first, but I’ve never had anyone be anything but nice about it- and now I don’t feel bad for wasting food! 🙂


“Could I have the chicken pita dipper, but not in a pita?”

“Sure, what would you like it in? A hoagie roll, a wrap?”

“…a bowl?”


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