53 Pounds and Counting…


The picture on the top is me on the day of my college graduation in May 2016. This was two months before I started the ketogenic diet, weighing 246 pounds. The bottom picture is me in November 2016, weighing 193 pounds. The change might not look that noticaeble in the picture- that’s because I am well versed in the rule of always angling your hips (or hiding behind your boyfriend) in photos.

I haven’t posted on my blog in awhile…Not since August! There’s a few reasons for that. One, I started my first semester of grad school. It’s awesome, but time consuming. Two, in September, I started getting leg weakness and numbness that eventually led to my legs giving out, falling on my kitchen floor, and breaking my ankle.

Before you wonder, no, my leg weakness and numbness had nothing to do with my ketogenic diet. A few people messaged me on FB under the facade of caring just to imply that my sickness is my fault for not eating carbs. For anybody wondering, the doctors I saw didn’t seem to care too much. My blood work was great. It turns out that I had a protrusion in my spine causing the weakness and numbness in my legs. Initially, my legs were so weak I couldn’t even use crutches. I was 100% bed ridden for 6 weeks. Luckily, I am getting treatment for my spine and walking around in a boot now. So I am definitely on the mend.

Throughout this really terrible trial, I managed to stay (lazyish) keto, and lose 10 pounds, too. If that’s not proof that this is a sustainable lifestyle, I don’t know what is. I obviously couldn’t eat the way that I really would have preferred, considering I was relying on others, but I managed. I will write about how I did it in a future post, and I will also write about how I had a keto Thanksgiving, and how I’m planning on a keto Christmas! KCKO, my friends. Don’t let anything (or anyone!) get you down.


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